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Success Stories - Celebrating 35 Years

Strathmore Pawn and Collectables Ltd.

Strathmore Pawn and Collectables Ltd.

The next stop on our celebratory road trip is Strathmore Pawn and Collectables Ltd. founded and run by Tanya Anderson. Offering a unique blend of pawn services and antique treasures, the business has become a cherished fixture in the community, providing both financial assistance and nostalgic discoveries to its patrons. Tanya became a Community Futures Wild Rose client in 2003. Here is her story:

Driven by a passion for antiques, I sought an entrepreneurial opportunity in Strathmore. Believing the community couldn't sustain a standalone antique store, I identified a need for a pawnshop, given the absence of one within 50 km. Combining these ideas, Strathmore Pawn and Collectables emerged, aiming to be a welcoming presence in our community.

Embarking on this venture felt colossal, and doubts about approval for the startup loan lingered even during paperwork and business plan creation. The entrepreneurial journey posed myriad challenges, demanding perseverance. Success hinges on addressing changes and challenges head-on, enduring the inevitable highs and lows while navigating the constant flow of business evolution.

My proudest moment arrived at the 20-year mark of my business, a milestone where reflection allowed me to grasp the magnitude of what I had created. The sense of accomplishment and pride in Strathmore Pawn and Collectables is profound.

My hope is for the business to endure beyond my retirement, becoming a lasting part of the community. Witnessing individuals who visited as children now bringing their own, and seeing young minds explore the past through antiques, brings immense joy. Contributing to the community by providing financial assistance through loans and offering affordable tools, electronics, games, jewellery, and antiques, I aspire for this business to remain a cornerstone for many years to come.

Tanya's story exemplifies the core of entrepreneurship, where passion, resourcefulness, and resilience converge to shape dreams into tangible realities. Strathmore Pawn and Collectables stands not only as a testament to Tanya's perseverance but also as a source of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs. As Tanya looks towards the future, her desire for the business to remain a steadfast presence within the community echoes a profound commitment to service and legacy.

Strathmore Pawn & Collectables Ltd.
Phone: (403) 901-1100

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101 - 331 3rd Avenue
Box 2159
Strathmore, AB  T1P 1K2
P: 403-934-8888

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