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Success Stories - Celebrating 35 Years

Rockyford Steel

Rockyford Steel

The next stop on Community Futures Wild Rose’s celebratory road trip is Rockyford Steel.

Nestled in the rural community of Rockyford, Alberta, Rockyford Steel became a Community Futures Wild Rose client in 1997. Founded by Adrian de Groot in 1996 the family-run company specializes in addressing common issues with older grain bin models. From cumbersome doors in Butler bins to restrictive lid openings in Westeels, Rockyford Steel offers tailored solutions including lid openers, retrofit door kits, and collar upgrades. Additionally, they supply a range of grain bin products, accessories, and used bin parts.

Adrian's journey with Rockyford Steel is a testament to his dedication and ingenuity. Read further to delve into Adrian de Groot's narrative.

I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey with humble beginnings, doing siding, roofing, and handyman work while juggling raising four children and a hefty 17% mortgage. Determined to secure a better future, I transitioned to selling products for existing grain bins, recognizing an untapped market opportunity.

Drawing on my experience building grain bins, I envisioned a venture into retail products for existing bins, offering year-round work and scalability. With no initial capital, I secured a loan from Community Futures Wild Rose and navigated the challenges of cash flow management, living frugally to keep the business afloat while slowly building inventory and equipment. However, through perseverance and hard-earned lessons in money management, the business began to thrive.

Over the years, strategic decisions like buying inventory out of season and reinvesting profits fuelled growth. Milestones like purchasing my first new truck symbolized progress, while smart investments paved the way for a secure future.

Today, I revel in the freedom that success affords, taking my family on holidays whenever we please. Managing money has become a joy, and I relish the opportunity to provide for my loved ones while enjoying the fruits of my labour.

Through strategic decision-making, perseverance, and the support of Community Futures Wild Rose, Rockyford Steel has not only addressed common issues in grain bin construction but carved out a niche in the market. As Adrian's story illustrates, with hard work and prudent financial management, even the most challenging circumstances can be overcome, paving the way for a brighter future filled with opportunity and success.

Rockyford Steel
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