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Equine Connection – The Academy of Equine-Assisted Learning

Equine Connection – The Academy of Equine-Assisted Learning

Located in Carseland, Equine Connection: The Academy of Equine-Assisted Learning strives to positively impact people's lives through working with horses. Their carefully designed programs aim to empower individuals, prioritizing both personal growth and the well-being of the equine. Read further as Kari Fulmek, the owner of this business, tells her story.

The idea for my business originated from a childhood dream of owning horses and living on an acreage. Despite facing numerous challenges and setbacks, including divorces and financial struggles, I never gave up on my dream. Eventually, with the support of my soulmate, Sid, we found the perfect piece of land and built our dream home. This sparked my desire to work with horses in a non-traditional way, leading me to discover Equine Assisted Learning (EAL).

While pursuing certification as an Equine Assisted Facilitator, I faced doubts and uncertainties about whether this path was right for me. However, a conversation with the course designer reassured me that I didn't need to be a horse trainer to pursue this business. Encouraged by this revelation, I embarked on my journey to combine my passion for horses with my desire to help others.

The turning point came during a series of devastating losses, including the passing of my mother and beloved horses. Despite the overwhelming grief, I found solace and purpose in the support of others and the profound impact of Equine Assisted Learning on individuals, particularly troubled youth.

One memorable anecdote that stands out is the transformation of a young girl named Gloria, who participated in our anti-bullying program. Despite initially being left out by her peers, Gloria found strength and confidence through her interactions with the horses, ultimately earning the respect and admiration of her classmates.

My proudest moment as a business owner is witnessing the positive impact of our programs on individuals and communities. Through Equine Assisted Learning, we empower people to overcome challenges, build resilience, and embrace their unique abilities. Additionally, by establishing a global certification program, we contribute to advancing the understanding and welfare of horses while providing opportunities for others to pursue their passion for working with these magnificent animals.

Ultimately, my legacy is defined by the difference I make in the lives of others and the positive change I bring to both the equine industry and the community. I aspire to leave a lasting impact that reflects my commitment to compassion, empowerment, and making a meaningful difference in the world.

Kari Fulmek, who became a Community Futures Wild Rose client in 2010, embodies the spirit of perseverance and determination in the pursuit of her childhood dream. From overcoming personal challenges to discovering the transformative power of Equine Assisted Learning, Kari's unwavering commitment to her vision has touched countless lives. Community Futures Wild Rose is proud to have had the opportunity to support Kari Fulmek in her endeavours. We wish Kari Fulmek all the best as she continues to create a legacy of positive change that resonates far beyond the fields of Carseland.

Equine Connection
The Academy of Equine-Assisted Learning
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101 - 331 3rd Avenue
Box 2159
Strathmore, AB  T1P 1K2
P: 403-934-8888

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Acme, Ardenode, Bassano, Beiseker, Carbon, Carseland, Chestermere, Cluny, Conrich, Dalemead, Dalum, Delacour, Gem, Gleichen, Hussar, Huxley, Indus, Irricana, Kathryn, Keoma, Kneehill County, Langdon, Linden, Lyalta, Norfolk, Rockyford, Rosebud, Standard, Strathmore, Swalwell, Three Hills, Torrington, Trochu, Wheatland County, Wimborne