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Success Stories - Celebrating 35 Years

Down To Earth Garden Design

Down To Earth Garden Design

Meet Theresa Zerr, the passionate mind behind Down To Earth Garden Design, and another successful Community Futures Wild Rose client.

Serving Calgary, Wheatland County, and Rocky View County, Down To Earth Garden Design is dedicated to transforming ideas into tangible, breathtaking gardens. Theresa's services encompass landscape consultations, landscape design, plant consultations, and instructional demonstrations. From assessing sites to troubleshooting issues and selecting the perfect flora for optimal growth, Theresa's expertise lies in crafting vibrant, thriving gardens. Engaged within esteemed organizations like the Calgary Horticulture Society, Alberta Native Plant Council, Alberta Horticulture Association, and the local garden club, Theresa is committed to fostering a blooming community. Delve deeper into Theresa's inspiring journey as she shares her story…

The seed of my business idea sprouted from my deep love for growing plants, nurtured during my time in greenhouse plant production. As I delved into ornamental horticulture, my passion blossomed, leading me to embark on the journey of self-employment.

A pivotal moment in my entrepreneurial odyssey came when I realized a misalignment between my work and personal fulfillment. Embracing change, both subtle and profound, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery, realigning my priorities and aspirations to rediscover the joy in my endeavours.

Among the milestones that fill me with pride is the recurring trust bestowed upon me by past clients. Their return signifies not just a job well done, but a relationship built on mutual respect and satisfaction.

My ultimate aspiration is to leave behind a verdant legacy—a landscape thriving with lush greenery that offers beauty, biodiversity, and sustenance for ourselves and wildlife. Collaborating with others, I strive to cultivate green spaces in a conscientious, respectful manner, honouring our planet and its delicate ecosystems.

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Theresa Zerr exemplifies the spirit of entrepreneurship and community engagement through her journey with Down To Earth Garden Design. From beginnings rooted in a love for plants to becoming a trusted entrepreneur in her community, Theresa's story is one of growth, both personally and professionally. As she continues to navigate the ever-changing landscape of entrepreneurship, Theresa remains committed to her mission of creating thriving green spaces while honouring the delicate balance of our planet's ecosystems. Community Futures is proud to have had a small hand in her success and we look forward to watching her continue to grow.

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Down to Earth Design
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101 - 331 3rd Avenue
Box 2159
Strathmore, AB  T1P 1K2
P: 403-934-8888

Communities Served

Acme, Ardenode, Bassano, Beiseker, Carbon, Carseland, Chestermere, Cluny, Conrich, Dalemead, Dalum, Delacour, Gem, Gleichen, Hussar, Huxley, Indus, Irricana, Kathryn, Keoma, Kneehill County, Langdon, Linden, Lyalta, Norfolk, Rockyford, Rosebud, Standard, Strathmore, Swalwell, Three Hills, Torrington, Trochu, Wheatland County, Wimborne