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Success Stories - Celebrating 35 Years

Big Sky Equipment and Excavating Ltd.

Big Sky Equipment and Excavating Ltd.

In the rhythm of diesel engines and the pulse of construction sites, Bill Josephison's journey from trucker to business owner unfolded. Surrounded by towering rigs with 64 wheels, and mastering the art of handling hoes and dozers, Bill felt a stirring desire for autonomy. The whisper of "do my own thing" echoed in his heart, a call answered by the decision to buy his own equipment.

Amidst the grind, a pivotal moment shaped Bill's path. Refined excavations for TransAlta Utilities, long before daylighting was a term, became his niche. The touchy, fussy work spoke to his soul, defining the trajectory of his entrepreneurial journey.

The proudest day dawned when Bill claimed ownership of his 250 excavator, a symbol of triumph over trials. Shortly after, the 3.5 mini hoe joined the fleet, marking the harmonious crescendo of progress.

Yet, Bill's legacy has stretched beyond the hum of engines. Reflecting on his journey, he imparted this wisdom: "Be the very best person inside. Be happy with what you do and embrace change." His legacy, a tapestry woven with integrity, aims not just at business success but at inspiring pride in those who know him. As Bill sculpts his legacy, each excavation becomes a brushstroke in the masterpiece of his life, leaving behind a trail of inspiration in the heart of the community he calls home.

In 1999, Bill Josephison became a valued client of Community Futures Wild Rose, a partnership that played a small yet significant role in his remarkable success. We take pride in having been part of Bill's journey and extend our heartfelt wishes for continued success in his future ventures.

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