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Master your Recovery Series


Mastering Your Recovery will provide businesses and entrepreneurs with access to marketing and wellness specialists to develop actionable marketing and wellness strategies, training and supports to provide you the tools necessary for recovery.


Founders, learn how to confidently turn your business into a profitable investment

If you’re like 80% of business owners out there, you’re likely making less than 2% net profit (a.k.a., your return on investment). Add a fair owner’s salary to the mix, and it's likely your bottom line drops even more.
If you received Covid relief funds (RRRF, CEBA), you have just over a year to learn how to prepare in repaying these debts!

Go beyond the basics of budgeting and apply the proven six-step process that paves your path to profitability while paying down your debt and getting paid yourself.  

Put aside everything you “think” you know about finance, as Nail the Numbers Pro, Taunya Woods Richardson, takes you on an unprecedented discovery into mastering your money and building your bottom line.

This Bootcamp is for you if //

  • You have debt to pay down, including RRRF and CERB
  • If you’re not paying yourself
  • Losing money, but not sure where
  • Struggling with paying bills on time
  • Lack emergency funds for the business
  • Haven’t build your business into an asset

 Tools Included //

  • Excel Template: Financially Fierce Formula
  • Excel Template: Equipment Cost Calculator
  • Excel Template: Profitable Price/Estimate Calculator
  • Excel Template: Debt Repayment Calculator and Schedule Generator
  • Excel Template: Personal Budget Builder
  • Worksheets: Streamline and Optimize Revenue Streams
  • Worksheets: Weighted Pricing Model

Bring your financial data and laptop. This is a three-hour, hands-on session where you’ll be applying your newfound skills to improve your financial future and forge your ferocity.

Learning Objectives //

  • Budget for all essential operating expenses including a healthy, fair-market owner's wage
  • Select, streamline, and optimize your most profitable products and services
  • Be blown away when the true cost of selling your product or service is revealed
  • Create a bulletproof value-based pricing strategy that sets you apart from the competition
  • Map out the seasonality of your sales to ensure your ability to cover all indirect expenses for any given month
  • Set a sure-fire method to ensure you meet sales goals every time, for every product.

Wellness and Resiliency Series

Entrepreneurs will receive access to work directly with wellness specialists to develop a self-care plan and training to overcome fatigue and stress. This series will develop your resiliency skills, help you manage and identify stress within yourself and staff and provide you with a plan to heal.

This series is for you if you are experiencing:

  • Anxiety and stress;
  • Fatigue, loss of sleep and other physical symptoms;
  • Difficulties managing daily activities;

Expectations and Outcomes:

  • Access to Six (6) Online Modules to assist you in identifying and overcoming fatigue and stress:

  • Module 1 - Types and causes of stress, symptoms, burnout and compassion fatigue.

  • Module 2 - Self assessment and identifying resources in the community and in your personal sphere.

  • Module 3 & 4- Building new habits, a self-care plan and coping skills.

  • Module 5 – Mindfulness Meditation for the Entrepreneur

    Module 6- Organization symptoms, strategies and tools. Developing an organizational care plan.

  • Receive a wellness actionable strategy (2 x 1 hour sessions, scheduled between August – October, 2021)
  • Create a self care plan to develop resiliency and renewed energy and skills to lead your organization to success!

Wellness Series Application Form

Please provide us with some details on your organization to allow us to review your application to ensure our supports will meet your needs. Upon receipt of your registration, you will receive the links to the program information.


Marketing Series

Entrepreneurs will receive access to work directly with a marketing and business development specialist to overcome your marketing and communication challenges.

This series is for you if you have experienced challenges with:

  • Creating and maintaining a digital presence (social media, e-commerce);
  • Identifying and prioritizing your marketing strategies;
  • Pivoting or seeking new products and services;
  • Identifying and engaging your target market;
  • Advertising and promoting your business;
  • Generating new leads;
  • Distribution channels;
  • Pricing strategies;
  • Seizing new opportunities; or
  • Customer service

Expectations and Outcomes:

  • Receive an actionable marketing strategy, business counselling and/or training.
  • Must be able to commit 2 – 10 hours (pending needs assessment outcomes) and scheduled between June – December, 2021.
  • Your commitment will grow your business and provide you a clear vision for the future!

Marketing Series Application Form

Please provide us with some details on your organization to allow us to review your application to ensure our supports will meet your needs.


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