Business Succession Planning & Matching

Succession Planning and Matching

Businesses with succession plans provide employment opportunities and maintain healthy, sustainable communities. 

Community Futures Wild Rose and it's partners are pleased to provide a Succession Planning and Matching Program between September 2020 to April 2021 to ensure business owners receive access to the resources and services required in transferring or selling a business.  Community Futures Wild Rose has partnered with 7 Community Futures offices to provide  entrepreneurs and businesses with access to training and resources to begin planning for the transition and succession plans for your business.  Businesses who are prepared and ready to list their business for sale have the opportunity to work directly with a matching expert to list their business with potential buyers for a minimal cost and is complimentary to a limited number of participants in the CF Wild Rose Region.

We will be offering a variety of single and multiple session workshops available to for profit, not for profit and family owned businesses between August 2020 - April 2021 provided by Succession MatchingAlberta Family Institute and Commercial Ventures.  

Multiple Session Series

Exit Planning (16 week masterclass)
Provider:  Commercial Ventures

This program will enable participants to gain clarity on the journey toward a sale and learn how to prepare themselves and their business to be operated by a successor.  Participants will complete the masterclass with an exit plan and clear direction on next steps.

Course Modules:

  • Understanding Business Valuation
  • Personal Readiness & Future Planning
  • Business Readiness in the Eyes of a Buyer (with Exit Options Analysis)
  • Timelines and Scenario Planning

Winter 2021 Schedule

Exit Planning Masterclass (All sessions are under one Eventbrite link – event closes after Jan 28th, 2020 session)

Jan 14th- 9:30am – 11:30am – Session 1
Jan 28th- 9:30am – 11:30am – Session 1- Q&A
Feb 11th - 9:30am – 11:30am – Session 2
Feb 25th- 9:30am – 11:30am – Session 2- Q&A
March 18th –9:30am - 11:30am – Session 3
April 1st –9:30am - 11:30am – Session 3- Q&A
April 15th –9:30am - 11:30 am – Session 4th
*All attendees need to register prior to the close date of January 28th

During this 16- week program receive instructional lessons, workbooks, and templates for how to draft your written Exit Plan. Gain clarity on the journey toward a sale and learn how to prepare yourself and your business to be operated by your successor.
This online program is results-driven & designed with:
• small groups
• confidentiality
• workbooks & exercises
• paired accountability partners

Eventbrite Link


Selling Your Business (16 week masterclass)
Provider:  Commercial Ventures

This program will help participants learn how to market and sell their business as well as gain clarity on the process of a sale and learn how to find a buyer.  Participants will complete the masterclass with a marketing plan and clear direction on next steps.

Course Modules:

Working with Advisors & Preparing your Company Material
Engaging Buyers & Maintaining Confidentiality
Receiving Offers
Timelines, Closing and Transitioning
Fall Schedule

All sessions are hosted online from 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Modules:  Oct 22, Nov 19, Jan 21, March 4
Q&A:  Nov 5, Dec 3, Feb 4

Winter Schedule - TBA


Family Business Transition – In Depth Series (8 classes)
Provider:  Alberta Family Business Institute

This series of webinars will be geared to family businesses from all disciplines who seek to deepen their understanding and begin the process of transition planning. Transition planning is a natural process in a successful family enterprise and one that can (and should) be positive and empowering.  The main focus will be to give an overview of the process and provide communication and governance strategies that will enable business owners to confidently chart their transition plan. This will be supported by a comprehensive workbook containing tools, templates, and resources.  Click here for more content detail.  As part of the in depth series, participants will be provided with access to the Pre-Webinar, where they will receive the Family Business Transition online course and workbook, with the expectation that the materials will have been reviewed prior to the first session.

Fall Schedule

All sessions hosted online from 10:00am to noon
Thursdays:  Sept 17, 24, Oct 1, 15, 22, Nov 5, 19, Dec 3

Winter Schedule - TBA

Winter 2021 Schedule

All sessions hosted online from 10:00am to noon
Content Detail

Registration links coming soon!

January 14:  Overview of the Family Business System and the Three Circle Model

January 21:  Focus on the Family Circle

January 28:  Focus on the Business Circle

February 11:  Focus on the Ownership Circle

February 25:  Communication and Conflict Management for the Family Enterprise

March 4:  Establishing a Family Council and Developing a Family Constitution

March 18:  Establishing an Advisory Board

March 25:  Establishing an Ownership Council and Policies

Single Workshops

Provider:  Succession Matching

These single workshops are hosting by Succession Matching and available to For Profit and Not for Profit businesses. Workshops are registered.

All workshops hosted online from 2:00 to 4:00pm

Nov 18, 2020:  Business Transition and Succession Planning Workshop

Jan 20, 2021:  Not-For-Profit Succession Planning Workshop

Feb 10, 2021:  Business Transition and Succession Planning Workshop

March 10, 2021:  Business Transition and Succession Planning Workshop

Provider:  Succesion Matching

More information and registration: 

Are you ready to sell your business?

Businesses who are ready to sell can list their business with Succession Matching by obtaining a Coupon Code for $25. To receive this service, participants must register and attend a minimum of ONE WORKSHOP provided by Succession Matching. The value of this package is $2,000. There are 12 coupons available for clients throughout the CF Wild Rose region. Contact Wendy Gerbrandt directly and she will connect you with a Succession Matching Specialist for full details. 

Contact Information

Wendy Gerbrandt

wendyg [at]

403.934.8888 ext. 3

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