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Community Futures Wild Rose is a community driven, non-profit organization that is guided by a volunteer Board of Directors. The Board is made up of local business people who 
bring extensive knowledge and experience of the area’s economy. Our Board members represent our region’s
 population and main economic sectors. The role of the Board is to establish our organization’s priorities, monitor our performance, and 
be accountable to key stakeholders, such as local, provincial and federal governments.

Interested in becoming a board member or committee volunteer? Please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

Community Futures Wild Rose Governance and Accountability Framework

Community Futures Wild Rose is governed by a 15 member Board of Directors appointed on an annual basis from our 15 Shareholder communities. All Directors are restricted to a maximum 9 year term on the Board to ensure periodic, if not annual Board renewal.  These appointed Directors bring extensive knowledge and experience about the local and regional economy and the area’s social composition.

Directors are appointed by the individual Shareholder communities based on the assessment of the locally elected municipal representatives as to who would best represent their community interests in the context of a regional economic development organization. As the 15 Shareholder communities are disbursed throughout the region there is satisfactory geographic representation.

The skills required to serve on this Board would include engagement in their own community, willingness to participate in Board discussion and initiatives for the region as a whole and a common sense approach to advocating and action for the CF Wild Rose region.

The Community Futures Wild Rose Board of Directors does not have specific age or gender requirements for Board composition but historically there has been as good balance based on the diversity achieved when drawing from 15 Shareholder communities.

All Board and Staff members are bound by a Code of Conduct and Confidentiality Agreement including Conflict of Interest and Privacy regulations.


Accountability to Stakeholders including Shareholders, the regional communities and residents, CF Wild Rose clients, CF Wild Rose volunteers, CF Wild Rose staff and local and regional organizations such as Chambers of Commerce, Economic Development committees  and other local social and cultural groups.

Confidentiality in dealings with all Stakeholders

Transparency with respect to ensuring organizational activities are documented and readily available to all Stakeholders in addition to publishing the names of Directors and the communities they represent and including the names and positions of all CF Wild Rose staff with organizational contact information. Transparency entails regular communication with and reporting to stakeholders

Governance in accordance with Articles of Association, By-laws, Board approved Policies and relevant Alberta and Canadian laws.  All Directors are provided with orientation information and a Board Members Manual which includes all Strategic Plans, Policies, Operational Plans, Audited Financial Statements Board Development Information, Personnel Policies, Loan Sub-Committee Policies and Procedures and monthly Minutes and Financial reports. 

Acting at all times with honesty, integrity and in good faith in accordance with the principles as established by the Shareholders, Directors and Stakeholders of Community Futures Wild Rose.

Acknowledging responsibility for all organizational decisions, actions and behaviors

Community Futures Wild Rose Board of Directors

Community Futures Wild Rose is a community owned and directed not-for-profit organization that is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors appointed annually from our 15 Shareholder communities (normally an elected official from the municipality council or a community leader appointed by council)

Board members bring extensive knowledge and experience about the local economy and social infrastructure in addition to a broader perspective of the Community Futures Wild Rose region.

The role of the Directors is to establish organizational priorities, monitor performance, ensure organizational principles are observed and act as CF Wild Rose Ambassadors in their communities.

Amber Link

Chair - Wheatland County


Corey Fisher

Vice Chair - Hussar


Tari Cockx

Secretary/Treasurer - Strathmore


Karen Ursu

Director - Beiseker


Wade Christie

Director - Kneehill County


Flo Robinson

Director - Linden


Joe Pedersen

Director - Standard & Loan Sub-Committee


Lucy Ann Daubert

Director - Acme


Irv Morrey

Director - Bassano


Bryan Peever

Director - Carbon & Loan-Sub Committee


Marilyn Sept

Director -Three Hills


Dalia Cheshire

Director - Rockyford


Frank Friesen

Director - Irricana & Loan Sub-Committee


Chris Armstrong

Director - Trochu


Pat Wise

Loan Sub Committee

Member at Large - Chestermere

Sabine Nasse


Member at Large - Bassano

Board Criteria

Community Futures Wild Rose is a community driven, not-for-profit organization that is guided by a volunteer Board of Directors. The Board is made up of representatives from our 15 municipal shareholder communities (normally an elected official appointed from council) familiar with local conditions in their community. Board members bring extensive knowledge and experience of the area’s economy. Our board members represent our region’s population and stakeholders such as local, provincial and federal governments. Appointment to the Board is by selection at the local council level on an annual basis.

Board Members & Selection

  • Directors must reside in the district
  • Directors shall be eighteen (18) years of age or older
  • The terms of membership on the Board of Directors shall be set by the Board of Directors from time to time, provided however, that no Director may serve as a Director for more than nine (9) consecutive years.
  • Any Director desiring to withdrawal from membership, may do so by submitting to the Secretary his/her resignation, and thereupon shall cease to be a Director. Such action shall not preclude that Director from becoming a Director in the future.   
  • Any Director may be expelled from membership for any reason deemed to be prejudicial to the best interests of the Corporation by  majority vote of the members of the Board of Directors. Prior to the vote being taken, the person proposed for expulsion shall be given fourteen (14) days notice in writing of the proposed expulsion and shall be afforded an opportunity to explain or justify his/her position to the persons present. At such meeting no person other than the Board of Directors, the person purposed for expulsion, and any necessary witness shall be present. After such expulsion, a Director would be eligible for nomination after a minimum of one (1) year.
  • Unless otherwise determined by the Shareholders at an Annual General Meeting, or a Special Meeting, the number of Directors shall be equal to the number of Shareholders of the Corporation with each Shareholder entitled to one Director's position.
  • Directors shall be appointed by the Shareholders and need not be a Shareholder but must be a nominee of a Shareholder.
  • Each Director shall be appointed from each Shareholder Community.
  • One Director may be appointed from each of the fifteen (15) Shareholder communities.
  • Any vacancy occurring in the Board of Directors for any reason may be filled by an alternative appointment of the Shareholder community.
  • The Shareholders shall appoint Directors as provided herein, and it is further provided that a Director need not be a Shareholder.
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